Birthstone Piercing - January

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14k yellow gold-6mm bar
14k yellow gold-8mm bar

*Price is for a SINGLE earring piece. For a PAIR, select quantity as two.*

This is a 14k gold piercing with a January birthstone, garnet.

Truth, friendship, Goodwill, happiness, and purpose. Believed to have healing and health potential.

Garnet is the birthstone of January. It is a common mineral and is distributed all over the world. The gemstones are limited, and among them, the pyrope is a purple-colored magenta, which is produced from superbasic rocks such as olive rocks . There are many kinds of green garnet, but garnet, called dematoid, is green and transparent, so it is very beautiful.

In the past, it was also used as a medicine to reduce heat, and it was considered a mysterious stone that protects health by travelers going long distances.

Bar thickness - 18g