About Cleopatra

Welcome to Cleopatra - a fashion jewelry shop and a beautification salon that specializes in providing piercing, microblading, eyelash extensions and waxing services. For our clients, we go beyond other specialized salons by offering value packages for yearly touch-up memberships, unlimited touch-ups and more. With a passion for fashionable jewelry, we also offer a curated collection of high quality, hypoallergenic everyday essentials online and in-store.

Our founder Cleo Kim, inspired by the iconic Egyptian queen, started Cleopatra in 2016. We take inspiration from our namesake Cleopatra, one of the most powerful women of her time, known not just for her beauty, but also for her relentless pursuit of knowledge. Our founder embodies this same spirit, always on the lookout for better alternatives and learning to provide exceptional services to our clients. This passion, along with her love for professional salon work and dedication to customer satisfaction, has led us to have one of the top-rated salons on Yelp in the area. Seeing our clients happy with the results and coming back is the best feeling we could ask for.


Let our service unleash your unique beauty!

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