Birthstone Piercing - February

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14k yellow gold-6mm bar
14k yellow gold-8mm bar

*Price is for a SINGLE earring piece. For a PAIR, select quantity as two.*

This is a 14k gold piercing with a February birthstone, Amethyst.

February Birthstone, AMETHYST.

Sincerity, peace, Believed to have spiritual qualities

Amethyst is a jewel from pale purple to very deep purple, and has been a symbol of nobility since ancient times. When it was difficult to make purple , only royalty and nobles could wear purple clothes. Amethyst, which is also purple, went well with purple clothes.

Prior to the 18th century, purple dye was rare, and purple symbolized wealth and power. So, amethyst was also adorned on the bishop's ring to represent the power of the church and bishop in European Christianity.

Bar thickness - 18g