Birthstone Piercing - March

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14k yellow gold-6mm bar
14k yellow gold-8mm bar

*Price is for a SINGLE earring piece. For a PAIR, select quantity as two.*

This is a 14k gold piercing with a March birthstone, aquamarine.

Youth, happiness, Honesty and compassion, Believed to have meditative qualities

The chemical composition is composed of aluminum silicate, which is the main component of rutin and beryllium , which is the color component . The crystal system is a hexagonal system and the Mohs rigidity is 7.5. Green emerald can be heat treated to change the color of aquamarine.

Aquamarine, as its name suggests, is a jewel in the color of the sea, but it is said that it melts immediately when put in the sea, and in the past, sailors in Europe treasured aquamarine as a talisman with the power of the sea. Aquamarine, which is mined in the Brazil Santa Maria mine, is known for its highest quality, but is now almost depleted. However, recently, aquamarine of similar quality is being mined in other mines, so the aquamarine mined in the Brazil Santa Maria mine is called "Santa Maria". Other production areas include Sri Lanka , Madagascar , Russia , Pakistan , Afghanistan , and India . In Korea , it is calculated in Cheongyang gun , Chungcheongnam-do .


Bar thickness - 18g