Birthstone Piercing - November

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14k yellow gold-6mm bar
14k yellow gold-8mm bar

*Price is for a SINGLE earring piece. For a PAIR, select quantity as two.*

This is a 14k gold piercing with a November birthstone, citrine.

Hope, purity, Calm, Believed to attract positive energy 

Opal is a hydrous silicate mineral that is produced in the form of a lump or bell rather than a crystal . Usually, white or colorless or colored ones are valued as gemstones . The birthstone for October is opal. Opal is a gem that needs to be handled with great care because its surface is fragile even with a small impact. According to the definition of a mineral, a mineral must be a crystalline substance in which its constituent atoms are regularly arranged. However, opalite is treated as an amorphous and mineral as an exception. Some opalite have a disordered structure, but some are made of silicic acid, with very small ones constantly stacked and layered. When light is refracted and dispersed between these tsuyu-nims, it takes on a rainbow color. In some opal stones, moisture from the inside escapes, causing small cracks on the surface. When such a gap is created, it is less valuable as a gem. Also called " Opal ".

Bar thickness - 18g