Birthstone Piercing - September

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14k yellow gold-6mm bar
14k yellow gold-8mm bar

*Price is for a SINGLE earring piece. For a PAIR, select quantity as two.*

This is a 14k gold piercing with a September birthstone, sapphire.

Sincerity, truth

Sapphire is a blue gem, a type of corundum . It is also called sapphire. It has more output than ruby ​​and is less valuable than ruby. The name sapphire comes from'Sapphirus', which means blue in Latin . It is also the birthstone of September . Sapphire is a gem that is sacred enough to be passed down legend that the Ten Commandments of the Bible are engraved on sapphire . Therefore , it is said that the clergy of the church particularly liked sapphire as a gem of honesty and integrity. The clear yet dark color well represented the wise and dignified king 's authority and was popular with royalty. It was believed that having sapphire that resembled the blue color of the sea would bring good luck without getting sick.

It is blue and transparent, and is the second hardest gem after diamond-stone. It is mainly produced in metamorphic crystalline limestone, and it is also produced in crystalline schist or basalt, but sapphire originating from it is rarely used as a gem. [One5

Bar thickness - 18g