Birthstone Piercing - May

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14k yellow gold-6mm bar
14k yellow gold-8mm bar

This is a 14k gold piercing with a May birthstone, emerald.

**Important** Price is for an individual piercing (not a pair).

Happiness, luck, Love and rebirth, Believed to have curing properties

Emerald is a striking jade green (light green), Beryl is a kind of, a lot of gold. Emerald is also called emerald . It is a transparent jewel with a jade green color containing chromium . Green tin and bluish-blue aquamarines are commonly produced from pegmatite , while emeralds are produced from biotite schist or slate . The world's production center is Colombia of South America, and it is the birthstone of 5 Will .

In the officer 's appointment ring, it is a gem that corresponds to the appointment ring of a school military officer (ROTC).

Bar thickness - 18g